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You’ve always fallen back on your gift of “making it happen” to meet the needs of those you care about—no matter the obstacle. 

Your trusty, color-coded calendar keeps things running smoothly and your appetite for a full life is satiated by family trips, and “oh my gosh, we’ve been talking for 3 hours” visits with friends.

But wincing when you wake up…feeling “off” each day is monopolizing your energy and attention. 

(and unsure how to prioritize themselves).

Personalized functional medicine and chiropractic care for those always giving to others 

Restoration for the overwhelmed and overworked.

It’s so disheartening to hear a patient say “I’ve tried getting help before, but no one really heard me.” We want to hear your story, we want to hear what’s stealing your moments, and we want you to feel safe enough to share.


Our practice is not the “in-out-prescribe-move-on” model so many of us are familiar with. We’re here to sift through the messy middle. We know that symptoms are merely signs pointing us toward a gnarly root and are determined to dig it up.


It’s so disheartening to hear a patient say “I’ve tried getting help before, but no one really heard me.” We want to hear your story, we want to hear what’s stealing your moments, and we want you to feel safe enough to share.


Our approach to getting you back to what matters:

Your day should not be dominated by your symptoms.

“Surviving” is not living.

After years mastering my craft as a chiropractor, I opened up Chipota Wellness Center in 2021. Shortly after I received post graduate advanced training in functional medicine through The Institute of Functional Medicine, The Kalish Institute, and Funktional Nutrition Academy to offer my patient's greater whole-body care.

I specialize in Graston Technique, a stainless-steel instrument-assisted approach to soft-tissue therapy. It's used to detect and remove scar tissue build up in the muscles that lead to pain and restriction.

How I can support you:

The world of medicine is stretching farther and farther from its roots. Healing. Wholeness. And Humanity. The three things so rarely experienced in an office visit that at best: prescribes a symptom-masking pill and at worst: leaves you with a misdiagnosis, more confusion, or feeling like you shouldn’t have bothered speaking up. 

To widen the possibilities for healing and meet women exactly where they’re at and years of mastering my craft, I’ve combined my Chiropractic experience with Graston Therapy technique, and Functional medicine treatment.

I wish I could shield all the women being prayed upon by “health coaches” and de-humanizing doctors who claim to have the “secret simple solution” to their struggles.

I’m here to remind you that you have the power to take charge of your own health journey. That you don’t have to “work around” this new normal. Hope is not lost, far from it.

Hey there, I'm Dr. Brea

Let’s unlock your individual path to healing.

Maddie S

I recommend Dr. Brea to everyone I come in contact with. I have never adjusted as well as I do after starting the Graston Technique with her and I am so incredibly thankful! On top of always being professional and direct, Dr. Brea is so kind and compassionate to your needs. I cherish her as my doctor and my friend!

erin w

I was looking for help when it came to difficulties I was having with PMS and the possibility of hormone imbalance. I just couldn’t stand how I felt and how I acted toward my husband and kids during this time of my cycle. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Brea, a functional medicine provider who listens and dissects potential root causes for these issues. 

As an always-striving business owner, it’s often a challenge to maintain a work-life balance (a struggle I’m sure you understand!) But I know that what really makes life worth living is a room full of laughter, smiles you can’t resist, and time with your people.

I’m at my happiest living life with loved ones

Self-care is a lot more than bubble baths and face masks. I don't believe it needs to “look” a certain way. Self-care is listening to my body and filling my own cup which currently includes: taking time to read, easing stress in my infra-red sauna, and eye-ing up a hot yoga membership!

I’m enjoying a self-care exploration

It’s not always easy to practice what you preach. Setting boundaries is hard, but hey, we’re human! I’m learning right alongside you how to be more aware of the experiences that drain me so I can add in more that refuel me.

I’m learning to protect my own energy

Here’s what you should know about me!

I want to get acquainted on a human-level.
(so you never have to feel like a number again).

I want to get acquainted on a human-level. (so you never have to feel like a number again).

Dr. Brea’s childhood home was once “The Chipota Resort” A name to represent the two beautiful bodies of water surrounding it: Chippewa River and Lake Wissota. It featured a bar, cabins, and even a wedding reception area. 

With its ties to home and its symbolism as a place of restoration and reprieve, the name “Chipota” seemed the perfect fit for her down-to- earth practice.

The story behind the name “Chipota”

True healing is based in empathy and understanding, something severely lacking in today’s “take this pill” medical world. We want to create a safe space where you feel supported on every human level.

Lead with compassion

Symptoms are our body's signals that tell us “hey, something is off!” Instead of masking the signal and sending you on your way, we’re eager to ask questions. We gladly wade through the fog to locate and treat the true cause.

Pursue the root

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll put our heads together to understand the full-picture of your health and get curious about the latest industry research to find the most aligned path forward.

Keep an open mind

Psst..we don’t want you to *need* us! We’re here to empower you with resources to take charge of your own well-being. Together we’ll shape tailored health habits to rebuild your capacity and elasticity for life.

Build Resilience

Beliefs we hold tenderly

show me the way

Meet with Dr. Brea to discuss what’s keeping you from engaging fully in your life. Through comprehensive labs and lifestyle assessments we’ll discover the root cause and set you on a path to lasting resilience.


take me there

Explore options for alleviating acute and chronic pain conditions through chiropractic adjustments, graston technique therapy, and cupping. Relieving tension in the body so you can move intentionally through life.

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Your mind starts spinning the moment you wake…and your symptoms don’t give you the courtesy of letting you finish breakfast before stealing the spotlight.

This book is a great place if you want to mix strategic wisdom with personal development. New perspectives are always healing.

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A cherished teacher of Dr. Brea, Erin Holt digs into the vast world of nutrition to help others make empowered and aligned choices for their health.

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An excellent source of motivation for leadership in just about every area of your life. Well rounded conversations. from health to entertainment, and business.

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