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“I don’t even know what’s going on in my body, but I don’t feel myself. “

“I was misdiagnosed so many times it’s left my symptoms more tangled than ever.”

“I felt so rushed in my appointments, nobody really listened to me. Nobody really cared.”

“Modern medicine gave up on me…after a pile of pills didn’t fix me, they said I’d just have to live with it now”

We’re all too familiar with your story:

For hard-working and caring women who are always putting the well-being of others above their own.

Chippewa Falls Functional Medicine

And more

Comprehensive lab work for all the moving pieces in your body


Stress and trauma experiences

Lifestyle and environmental factors

Functional medicine recognizes that our body’s symptoms are clues to be followed. Not the endgame. It looks at the whole-picture of wellness:

We wouldn’t be where we are as a society without the advancements in modern medicine, but it’s lacking in a lot of ways.

The system is built on “get em in, get em out.” Quick fixes for symptom masking (rarely getting at the root of the matter) and a pill-for-every-ill. We’re seeing an increase in “untreatable,” “unexplainable” conditions that patients are expected to” just live with.”

Where functional medicine fits

You should know, your life should not be dominated by your symptoms.

Disagreeable digestive system that dictates how your day is going to go.

An increasingly difficult to ignore state of anxiety or hyperreactivity.

Hot flashes or chills that send you running for the freezer or layering wool socks.

Aches and pains that make you feel like you just ran a 25k.

Brain fog that leaves you sluggish and frankly…a bit startled.

Headaches and nausea that makes you want to crawl back in bed.

Tension in your body that wears you out before the day even begins

If you’re experiencing:

Have you been” surviving” instead of living?


Autoimmune and Inflammation

IBS, overall gut health

Sleep issues







Low energy

Chronic stress



Menopause symptoms

Hormone imbalances

Common conditions that can benefit from functional medicine

Chipota Wellness Center offers personalized functional medicine for hard working, always-on-the-go women. Through comprehensive labs and lifestyle assessments we’ll discover the root cause that’s keeping you from engaging fully in your life and set you on a path to lasting resilience

Functional Medicine Treatment

How can we help?

Lab reports, progress tracking, and comforting guidance will be offered in bi-weekly check-in calls together. One of the most challenging parts of navigating a health journey is doing it alone. You’ll have all the space you need for questions and support. We’ll fight with you to pave the way for lasting healing.


During our first meeting you’ll receive recommendations for personalized nutrition, exercise, and stress management techniques to give you a head start at home. Next we’ll order blood work labs for CBC, CMP and comprehensive labs to test cortisol levels, GI conditions, organic acid levels, sensitivities and more. Your results will help us refine your individual treatment plan.


In a 60-90 minute, new patient appointment we’ll map a detailed history of your health: the symptoms you’re currently experiencing and any diagnosis (or misdiagnosis) from your past. We’ll also look closely at your lifestyle to determine which labs would give us an even clearer picture of what's keeping you tangled.


what to expect

Our Process


We accept cash, credit/debit card, check, or HSA/FSA. Please see our FAQs for additional information about paying for your appointment.

Investment: $1500

Unlimited email support

Virtual biweekly or monthly support calls

Stress management techniques

Exercise prescription

Nutrition plan

Lab recommendations and result interpretation

Physical exam if warranted

Detailed health history

60-90 min consultation

The New Patient Package includes:

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Functional medicine is not the same thing as alternative medicine or energy healing. We are trained doctors who prescribe science based-treatments. That being said, we DO believe the mind and external energies play a role in healing. 

A good meditation or yoga session will go a long way in addition to lab testing that clues us in to lifestyle changes and any medicine you might truly need. 

For some patients, we may recommend Reiki or Energy Work as a nourishing supplement to the medical treatment we offer.

All “woo” and no science

Functional medicine is not in opposition to modern medicine. We are certified medical practitioners who often work in partnership with your primary care team. The only place we differ is how wide and how deep we prefer to explore with a patient.

We aren't fond of the “take this pill, you’ll be fine” approach that’s become the standard. We also don’t believe in prescribing a “supplement-for every-ill” either. Health journeys are far from one-size-fits-all. 80% of the work we do together is lifestyle modification and the other 20% includes intentionally prescribed medicines necessary to your healing. The medicine will deeply support you, but it’s the ability to maintain the lifestyle shifts that will lead to long-lasting resilience. 


As more and more chronic illnesses manifest in our society, functional medicine has increased in popularity, but the two are not synonymous. Yes, functional medicine is a great avenue for those experiencing symptoms that modern medicine doesn’t have the care or time to unravel. 

But we also exist to assist with minor misalignment, sensitivities, and preventative care. We value education and reminding you of your power in your own health journey, no matter how big or small.


Let’s clear the air so you can breathe easy. Functional medicine is not:

Still looking for clarification? 
send us a message!

We take a very individualized approach to our care. This is not a one-size-fits-all “pill for every ill” (or even a “supplement for every ill”) clinic. Our main goal is to work with you and your body to determine the root cause of your condition by focusing on a lifestyle based approach. 

I’ve seen lots of other doctors, what makes you different? 

Yes, most patients with an autoimmune condition do very well with functional medicine methodologies!

Can you treat my autoimmune condition? 

We are out of network with insurance companies. Our current payment options include cash, credit/debit card, check, or HSA/FSA. If requested, we can provide superbills that the patient can submit to their insurance company. Depending on your out of network coverage, you may be able to be reimbursed.

Payment is due after each appointment, however we understand and take into consideration financial struggles of our patients. Payment plans are available upon request. 

How will I pay to work with you?

If you are out of state, by law, we have to meet at least once for an in-person appointment in our WI office. From there we can meet via telehealth.  

Do I have to live in Wisconsin to work with you? 

No two patients are alike so the frequency of our meetings will vary. Whether you are suffering from chronic or acute conditions we’ll customize a treatment plan to suit your needs. As a new patient you can expect a higher frequency of care in the beginning as we work to correct the root issue. As symptoms decrease, many patients enjoy coming a couple times a month, once a month, and sometimes even once a week for preventative care to stay healthy. 


Yes, but functional medicine is NOT a quick fix weight loss scheme that will help you lose 30 lbs in a month. Patients can lose weight, but it comes as a secondary effect to balancing the rest of the body systems. It comes with the commitment to making lasting lifestyle changes. Functional medicine is not a great fit if you’re *only* looking to lose weight.

Can you help me lose weight? 

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Now, we’re sure you have other questions.

jessica m

I've also worked with Dr. Brea on the functional medicine side, understanding how my stress hormones impact me throughout the day. Making dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental adjustments has helped me to feel more rested in the morning and energized during the day. I would highly recommend Dr. Brea to family and friends! She is extremely knowledgeable but also gets to know her patients and truly cares!

erin w

 I am still in the middle of my course of treatment but I feel more alert, more clarity in my thinking, more energized, less moody and fewer outbursts prior to my period, more motivated and just in general feel happier as a person, wife and mom. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Brea and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to look further into hormone imbalance. It is so important to take a further look into yourself and your body!

Stress is an often overlooked culprit that we prioritize at Chipota Wellness Center through cortisol level testing–a first step before any major changes are implemented.

Stress is catabolic meaning it also breaks down the gut lining and muscle tissue

Breaking down body tissue aka: disrupting your body’s ability to run smoothly or heal itself.

Creating inflammation which is a trigger for countless health conditions.

But what kind of impact is this really having on the body?

We know stress is bad for us, right? Stress arrives in the wake of tightly packed schedules: your child’s band concert followed by dinner with your parents and a big meeting at work tomorrow. 

Stress can be a vicious cycle when you don’t feel well…you may stress about the symptoms themselves or the inability to do normal things.

The role of stress

We refuse to be the “supplement-for-every-ill” mirror of modern medicine. If we hand you a prescription, it’s for a carefully considered reason.


We want to bounce ideas back and forth…you live in your body after all. We love finding new research and turning over unexpected stones.


We want you to comfortably attend the annual family vacation at the shore. You’ve missed out on enough moments.


Our patient approach

After years of mastering her craft,  Dr. Brea combined her chiropractic experience with post-graduate advanced training in Functional Medicine through The Institute of Functional Medicine, The Kalish Institute, and Funktional Nutrition Academy has opened the possibilities for healing.

Dr. Brea is passionate about serving hardworking, always-on-the-go women who have been left to push through their suffering. She fiercely defends those who have been dismissed by the modern medical system and offers a compassionate, individualistic approach to finding the true root of their misalignment. 

Meet Dr. Brea

Those are not comfortable taking their health into their own hands, making necessary lifestyle change, and practicing healthy habits in the long-term.

Those who do not believe stress and mental health play a part in physical health.

Those looking for a quick-fix or miracle cure.

Who is not a good fit?

Those who are willing to make lifestyle changes to support every aspect of their health for the long-term.

Those who face the question: “will I ever feel like myself again?”

Those who want to befriend their body, learn its language, and take care of it holistically.

Those who refuse to believe that they’re symptoms are “normal” and that they have to just “live with it.”

Those who are frustrated with the modern medical system and have a bitter taste for "treatment.”

Those who feel trapped by their body and not at home with themselves.

Who is a good fit for treatment?

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